Where My Dog Parents At?

Clearly from the heading this post is going to be all about dogs or should I say all about Jazz. If you follow me and seen my blog posts, you already know I have a rescue Pit bull named Jazz. If you’re new to my page then welcome! There’s a quick little intro about who I am to get you familiarized with me and what I’m all about. Also, if you want to read about my rescue journey with Jazz, there’s the link to that blog post as well.

I woke up this morning thinking, “what am I going to write about today?” and then I glanced over and saw my baby girl sleeping peacefully next to me. I just wanted to take in that moment and just think about how truly lucky I am to be blessed with such a furry little angel. I don’t even look at her like a pet. She’s my everything, my world. I know people with children may look at me like I’m crazy for saying this, but I see her as my child. I think about the day when she’s no longer here and I honestly don’t know how I am going to be able to cope with that. I know she’s only 4 years old and I don’t have to worry about that for a while, but it still crosses my mind. Sometimes I just want to slow down time just to lengthen the time she has left on this earth.

Who’s The Real Dog?

When we rescued Jazz, she was skin and bones and had scars all over her neck and belly. She was clearly malnourished, had no hair on her belly, and her hair was scarce, especially on her head. In some light, especially at night, her head would have a pink tint to it because of her lack of hair. It was actually really cute. Now Jazz is COVERED in hair and her pink head is no more! Her scars are pretty much all gone besides the big one on her neck.

I think about the cruel human who treated her so poorly (apparently according to the Humane Society, her owner was going to jail) and I just don’t understand. I can’t wrap my head around how you can hurt such an innocent, adorable, precious, cuddly, vulnerable, lovable dog. But, I thank him for not being able to step up as a man and take care of this amazing creature because now I get to provide for her a loving home. A home where she can be herself and not have to worry if she’s going to get fed, if she’s going to get beat, if she’s going to be let outside. Because of this horrible monster, I found my baby girl. Now he’s sitting in a cage, while my girl is sleeping in a nice, warm bed. Who’s the dog now? 🙃

A little bit about Jazz

She LOVES belly rubs. When we first got her, she would be a little weary about us touching her belly. After she warmed up (didn’t take very long for her to know she could trust us), she now gladly rolls over and demands belly rubs. She sits wherever she wants whether that’s on you, over you, under you, behind you. She doesn’t care, but whatever it is, she HAS to be touching someone. Her new thing has been laying behind us on the couch and rolling up in a ball. That’s been real interesting. Oh and she loves to be held like a baby. Yes, my 55lb Pit Bull loves to be picked up and held as you can see.

We have a queen bed, which you figure is a decent, normal sized bed for two people. Add a Jazz to the mix and forget it. She likes to sleep underneath the covers and when I mean underneath I mean her whole body has to be covered. But before she can get comfy, she waits for both of us to be in the bed. One thing Jazz loves the most next to eating is sleeping. I have never met another dog that loves to sleep as much as this girl. When she’s really tired, which is like half the time, she rolls up in this little ball (we call her an egg because of how she lays). These moments are when I think about just how lucky I am.

Never has she snapped or wrinkled up her snout around anyone. I can take her food bowl away while she’s eating and she won’t get aggressive (I don’t take her food away FYI, thats’ mean). I can kiss her face a million times and she won’t even pull away. She’ll just keep trying to kiss me back 😂 I wonder, did her last owner ever love her? Did he ever give her kisses? Did she ever get treats or toys? Did he ever tell her what a good girl she was? It breaks my heart to think about that and then to think about all the other poorly treated animals out there or the ones in shelters without a forever home. I can’t tell anyone what to do or where to get their dog, but all I can say is don’t be afraid to adopt. Don’t be afraid to get a Pit Bull. Give them a chance. Now I can’t imagine my life without mine in it.

Any of you guys have a dog?! I’d love to see your fur babies and hear your stories! Jazz sends you guys lots of cuddles and kisses❤️

Let’s Be Friends 🥰

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11 thoughts on “Where My Dog Parents At?

  1. I have my 2 kids who happen to have fur and 4 legs. I love them dearly, and are both rescues. One I rescued myself, the other, someone close to me rescued on a busy street in Santa Fe, NM. A chi and bijon frise. Thanks for sharing this, and for all your love and care of your kid! We are truly blessed 🥰!

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  2. Awesome, Jaimie! Plenty of love and joy to spare, and then some. Jazz’s sublime happiness at having found her home and her family glows, not just from the photos you shared, but from your story too. Despite a rough start, Fate brought Jazz into your embrace, and she’s just beaming now. Obviously.

    Extraordinary, too. That Jazz is so loving, so trusting, despite having endured the worst neglect, well, it shows just how overwhelming is her contentment. Her gratitude too, as you rescued not just Jazz, but her impressions of humanity too. The path was fraught at times, but it brought both of you here, to this beautiful place. Nice work!

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  3. Thank you for this post. Love the pic of her on her back with her little tongue sticking out. I have had rescued dogs for the past 25 years. I’ve been a foster volunteer for 15 years. In that time I’ve fostered about 25 pug dogs. The feelings you have described are so true. Jaz just wants to be loved and has reciprocated that love with your family. This was a good choice for a blog and stealing the idea is the sincerest form of compliment. I currently have 3 adopted rescues, all seniors. Hanging out with Larry while he is cooking is their favourite activity.

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