Thankful For All 100+ Of You

When I first started this blog, I never in a million years would have thought I would get to 100 followers in 11 days. It may seem like it’s not a big deal or a stupid thing to celebrate, but it’s a huge deal for me and it’s my first “real” milestone. I feel that this is truly the start of something amazing. I want to thank you all for following along from the bottom of my heart.

Since bars are not open yet in my state, I have been out of work for a while so all of my time I’ve dedicated to this blog. Day in and day out I work extremely hard on this. I truly love interacting with you guys and meeting new people. The world is a very cruel place and from the start I wanted to create a safe space where everyone felt comfortable. My goal is so my followers feel comfortable conversing with me, confiding in me, and knowing this is a judgement free zone. In a world full of negativity, my main goal is to spread as much positivity and love as I can on here.

I have been sharing a lot about myself lately so you all can feel like you know me. I’ve already met so many beautiful souls on here and I hope that just keeps continuing to grow from here. All of you have just helped me reassure myself that I made the right decision pursuing this. I always thought I was worthless and was never going to make something of myself. Me and school just never got along. It took for 10 years (since I graduated high school) to get to where I am in college right now. And where I am, I should have been done years ago. I dwelled on this for a long time, thinking I ruined my life and wasted my youth just serving and bartending these past few years. I have nothing to show for it. That is why this blog is so so important to me. I’m extremely passionate about something for once in my life.

For the past year, I got into following bloggers on Instagram. I couldn’t believe they made a living out of doing this so I became wildly interested. I’ve spent all that time watching Instagram stories, reading blogs, speaking to them individually and learned a lot. I always felt I wanted to do this, but I wasn’t “qualified” or educated enough back then. This whole time I didn’t feel like I was watching bloggers for the fun of it, (even though it was fun for me) I felt like I was studying and learning from them. A lot of bloggers will tell their stories about how they got into blogging and what not to do when you’re getting started. The one thing that every blogger says is “I wish I got started sooner”. I didn’t have the motivation or knowledge back then, but 11 days ago, I found it.

So thank you for tuning in and I hope that you continue to stay with me. Let’s continue to be kind to one another and be positive. I always remind myself when I’m having a bad day, things could always be worse and to be thankful for the things I have. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me about anything. When I say “let’s be friends” I actually mean it❤️

I have something in the works to show my gratitude for you guys as well, so stay tuned😉

And if you want to see more content and pictures, follow my Instagram linked below! I would really appreciate the love!

Let’s Be Friends🥰

Healthy Tipsy Shopping

Published by Jaimie Christine

My goal is to always create fun, unique, exciting content for you guys! Feel free to reach out with any questions or requests for me 🤗 follow me on Instagram for more pictures💕

47 thoughts on “Thankful For All 100+ Of You

  1. This is one of the most authentic and heartfelt posts I’ve ever read. I really enjoy your content, and you. Very rare to meet such great people. Never doubt yourself, or underestimate your gifts. Keep on sharing🙏🏼.

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    1. I appreciate that! I just see people celebrating their thousands of followers and here I am celebrating 100😂 but I guess you have to start somewhere! Thank you for being so kind. I tried to return the favor with a follow, but can’t find the button to do so on your page🤔

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      1. Strange on not finding the follow button. I’ll check that out! Perhaps that’s why?! I’m celebrating my 92 w you and every person is a really individual being, precious and dealing with all the same ups and downs we have. So, it’s less about numbers than it is about being present to the people there. You’re right. Every one matters!

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      2. I agree with you 100%! Congrats on 92 though that’s great! Definitely check out that button issue though cause that could be why you’re not receiving any new follows. Let me know when it’s fixed and I’ll be more than happy to return the favor with a follow!☺️

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  2. That’s awesome, Jaimie! Please, reserve comment on it taking me a year to hit the milestone you reached in eleven days.

    Still, for bloggers in our cohort, 100 followers is a big deal Our audience is small enough yet, we’re grateful for every new person who takes a seat. The “superstars” think nothing of adding a dozen, a hundred, a thousand, but we’re still greeting each new person who walks through the door. Despite this enterprise being computer-driven, that’s the human touch.

    Oh, you know what’s really cool, if it’s available to you? Taking a look to see where (country or territory) all your readers are located. This is a report WordPress generates for me, and your platform likely offers a similar service. Do you want to feel really good? Just take a look at how far some of those hundred people have traveled to read you!

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    1. Oh my goodness thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment!!💗 I am still mind blown every single day when I see just how many different countries/territories are viewing my page! And every single person that follows my blog I am so beyond grateful for🤗🥰

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  3. Hi Jaimie,
    Thanks for the follow. I think your blog is fab. I’m just approaching 100 followers, so I love this post as inspo for something I could write.
    I wish I had more time and energy to engage with more people on Instagram and WordPress, but will keep going and do it whenever I can. I visited New York in 2002 and really enjoyed the bookshops and seeing the Statue of Liberty on my boat trip to Staten Island.
    Sending you best wishes,

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