My Spotify Music Playlist For Blogging

When I write my blog for the day, I usually like to listen to some “chill“, mellow music. This usually entails Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, or my favorite Saint Jhn. I like to listen to music that I enjoy, but isn’t going to distract me from writing.

There are definitely times where I’d rather listen to just dance/electronic music or only rap/hip hop/r&b so I’ll just listen to one specific genre. But anyway, I made a playlist of some of my favorite of music to listen to while I’m working on my blog and decided to share it with you all. There is a nice blend of throwbacks, as well as newer music on there. If you’re not into the hip hop/r&b picks I suggested, I’d at least recommend trying Petit Biscuit. His music is so calm and perfect for relaxing. I have some other great options as well, such as Nora En Pure, Kygo, and Lost Sky. It’s definitely what works for me and I hope you find some music in there that you enjoy as well🙃 Click the ⬇link below⬇ for my playlist if you’re interested!

What kind of music do you like to listen to while writing or trying to focus? I would love to hear some of your suggestions💗

Let’s Be Friends🥰

Healthy Tipsy Shopping

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15 thoughts on “My Spotify Music Playlist For Blogging

  1. Cool list, Jaimie. Your listening preferences are much more closely defined than are mine. For me, when I’m reading or writing, anything could be on in the background, from Bach, to the Beatles, to Bono. Quite often, too, the music influences what I’m writing!

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    1. I love that you have such a wide variety of music! I do enjoy other genres, but I just wanted to make a playlist of what I’ve been currently listening to while writing. I’m sure that’ll change and I’ll have an entirely different playlist within the next week😊

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  2. Music is great for setting the mood. My tastes change frequently but I do love hair band music from the 80s/90s. Def Leppard is a fav. That was my coming of age music 🙂

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  3. My writing playlists are a mix of my favourite songs and random great songs I discover from IG or browsing through Apple Music playlists.

    Music is my writing catalyst, and my mood determines the type of music. Currently still addicted to anything James Arthur or Ruben.

    I’m definitely checking out your playlist for new finds. Thanks for sharing 🥰

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