Beauty Products Under $15 That I Love

There’s nothing better than buying an inexpensive product and loving it. I try not to splurge too much on things because I don’t want to enjoy it and have to spend that amount of money again. Before I buy a product, I read review after review and make sure I’m buying a quality product. There definitely has been times when reviews let me down (It Cosmetics cream), but for the most part I go off them. I want to help my friends on here find good quality products that won’t break the bank. These products I share are going to be ones I have or will repurchase in the future.

Mario Badescu Face Spray – $12

These I have been using for years. Any time I need a boost of hydration throughout my day, I just spritz on this baby. I use it before I start my makeup as a primer, I spray it on my makeup sponge, and I spray when my makeup is complete. I’ve tried all of the different varieties and honestly can’t pick a favorite. They all serve the same purpose and all smell lovely. With a price tag of $12 you can’t go wrong!

Scalp Massager – $10

This has been a somewhat newer purchase for me and I’ve been loving it. It lathers in your shampoo so well in the shower and really scrubs your scalp. I feel like any buildup that was in my hair is gone now and overall my hair seems cleaner and softer. I also use it to comb in my conditioner afterwards as well! It’s $10 on Sephora, but I believe there are cheaper ones on Amazon.

The Ordinary – $6-14

I’m just writing The Ordinary because I have about 5 products which I all love. You can’t go wrong with this company and everything is under $15! The Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid have been my absolute favorite though. Niacinamide has been great for my acne and the hyaluronic acid has helped replenish my skin’s moisture as well as improve the texture. So if you want to start somewhere, I recommend starting there! The Lactic Acid is also great for the night time. I mix that in with my moisturizer every other night and it acts as an exfoliator.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Mini – $15

The mini is only .45oz and $15, but has lasted me 4 months so far and I still have a bunch left. I use this every other night and it makes my skin so smooth and my acne disappear. It’s an amazing product and cleanser. It’s a powder so to use you have to have wet hands then sprinkle a little bit in and rub your hands together to lather. I didn’t have high hopes for this, but after trying a sample, I had to order it. If you suffer from acne or want smoother skin, try it out!

Rosebud Perfume Co. Strawberry Lip Balm – $8

First, let’s talk about the smell. INCREDIBLE. The first time putting it on I just wanted to lick it off. This one got so many reviews with a high rating. It’s so moisturizing and hydrating on my lips and easy to apply. It’s such a pretty looking pink color and pink is my favorite color so that also drew me to this not gonna lie. $8 guys! I’ve had the same one for months, but I will definitely repurchase this when I finally run out.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion – $17

I know I said below $15, but this one I actually got for $12, so wait for it to go on sale. It always does. The first mistake I made was shaking the bottle. Do not shake it. You stick a q-tip all the way down until it hits the pink liquid on the bottom and then dab onto blemish. I do this at night after my skincare routine and by morning my blemish is pretty much nonexistent or completely dried out. The most effective acne spot treatment I’ve used. Also, check Amazon because they have sales on this all the time.

Garnier Micellar Water With Rose Water – $7

This has been my favorite micellar water I have ever tried. I don’t usually use it to take off my make up honestly. I use it for the morning before I apply my skincare to wipe my face of anything. I don’t wash my face in the morning so this works perfect to clean and add a little hydration to my skin. I buy it off Amazon every time for less than $7 dollars.

Elf Camo Concealer – $6

Elf has been one of my favorite brands over the past few years. The quality is great for the price. I haven’t tried the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, but people have said this is comparable to it. I had this in my drawer for months now and just started using it and have been loving it. The coverage is amazing and it blends into my skin beautifully. I’m so glad I purchased this one! I found a cheap concealer for life (as long as they don’t discontinue😏).

Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion – $10

My favorite moisturizer for my body. It’s unscented and perfect for those who suffer with eczema like me. In the winter, my elbows get so dry and itchy if I don’t use a solid lotion. I don’t have to worry about those dry winters if I have Lubriderm. It’s $10 for a 32oz bottle on Amazon and worth it!

Pond’s Cleansing Balm – $10

This one is so hard to find and I don’t understand why. I haven’t found it in any store. I only find it on Amazon and that’s rare when they have it. It has a price tag of $10 and lasts me a few months. It takes your makeup off pretty well and doesn’t clog your pores. My skin has been overall smoother after using this to remove my makeup. If you can ever find this (check Amazon regularly) I recommend giving it a shot!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Gel Moisturizer – $14

I have been purchasing this for years. It’s so hydrating and feels so refreshing on your skin. I like using a light cream or gel moisturizer at night so my skin can breathe, but stay hydrated. This has been perfect for me and is pretty inexpensive for a moisturizer! I’ve found it’s cheaper to purchase on Amazon rather than in store and I can vouch that it is a legitimate product off there. It’s the exact same product on there as if you bought in a drugstore. $14 on Amazon and sometimes it’s even cheaper!

Batiste Dry Shampoo – $10

This is definitely the best quality dry shampoo for the price. For the biggest size, it’s only $10 a can and it lasts awhile. It doesn’t leave behind a white residue like most others and they all smell phenomenal. It gives my limp hair a little lift upon spraying too. Takes that greasy, 3 day old hair look right out instantly!

I hope I helped some of you save some money and find products that you’ll end up loving! What are some of your inexpensive beauty products that you ended up repurchasing?! Any of the ones I listed above stand out to you? Any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, please talk to me in the comments! I’d love to chat about it lovelies💗

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17 thoughts on “Beauty Products Under $15 That I Love

  1. Mario Badescu was just launched in India. Can’t wait to try their products out. Have you tried any other product from the brand?

    The Ordinary is ❤️. Probably the skincare brand that really got me interested in skincare.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. That’s so exciting!! I’ve just tried their sprays and the drying lotion, but heard great things on a lot of others I just haven’t got a chance to try them yet. I did try the witch hazel toner from them and my skin is super dry so unfortunately it did not work out well for me. I think it’s better for more oily skin. Keep me posted on what you try from them though!💗

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    1. There’s a reason why ponds have been around so long! Great product💗 I’m glad you thought these were great recommendations Sandi! I hate forking over loads of money for beauty products so I’m glad I found inexpensive options that work well!🤗

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lubriderm sounds really nice. Hope I can find it here in Asia though. But the Cerave products are available here and I can’t wait to try their cleansers! Thanks for replying.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Big fan of Batiste and The Ordinary here. You might also enjoy The Inkey List brand; whenever there’s something from The Ordinary that does not quite work for me there’s an equivalent in The Inkey List that does 🙂

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