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I’ve never realized how important customer service was to me until I needed assistance from a company about a product I bought. The way a company treats their customers is a make or break for me. I’ve had businesses treat me like they could care less if I ever shopped with them again. I’ve also had businesses treat me like I was their only customer and put me on a pedestal. For example, the bar I work at puts their customers first always. Because of that, we are ranked the #1 restaurant in that town. People like to feel special and if an establishment makes that happen, they generally will have a customer for life. These are some of the best companies where I was given outstanding customer service. If you want to buy a quality product with quality service, shop from any of these places!💗


My absolute favorite company and the products aren’t even for me. That’s how you know this place does it right. They not only make your dog happy, but they make their moms happy too. They sent me an email asking to fill out a very short review about the boxes I have been receiving. Now, I pay $27 a month for 3 high quality toys, 2 bags of treats, and 1 meat stick of some sort. I would say that’s a pretty solid deal for what I get every month. I gave them a great review, but only said my dog likes the softer toys rather than the harder ones. I never asked for anything free or stated I was upset about anything. I actually told them in the review how much I loved the company. Once I filled it out, someone emailed me almost immediately telling me they would send me a free toy and would make sure it was a softer one. So, for the month of January, my spoiled pup not only got 3 toys, but 4! 10/10 recommend if you have a pup🤗


Another dog site, sorry. This one deserves a shout out because of how loyal and generous they are. I had ordered a Christmas bandanna for my dog to wear and I made a mistake and ordered one size too small. I emailed them to see if I could return it since I would get no use out of it. They replied right away and stated how sorry they were (it was my stupid mistake) and to keep the bandanna anyway or donate it to an animal shelter nearby and they would refund my money. Even though it was a $6 item, I appreciated the promptness, generosity, and caring gesture of their email.

Shady Rays🕶

So I would have never had heard of this company if it wasn’t for the podcast I listen to, “Your Mom’s House”. It’s kind of a raunchy podcast with comedian Tom Segura and his wife Christina, but they do a lot of promotions and ads throughout the show. Last summer I was in need of new sunglasses, but didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for ones I would probably lose or buy cheap, flimsy ones that would break after a few weeks. My boyfriend and I figured we’d give Shady Rays a try after seeing it on that podcast. They had an amazing promo where you could buy 2 pairs for the price of 1 and the quality of these glasses are phenomenal. Unfortunately, Alex lost his so we went on the website to see if we could get a replacement and got a new pair for a few dollars (I think it was only like $3 for shipping). Such an amazing policy and so generous! They really make customer service their top priority.


This is the first skincare company that I had an issue with and they fixed it, no problem. If any of you ever ordered a GlamGlow mask, you know it’s not cheap. I had purchased my first one from them which cost me $60. When I received it, it had looked like the jar was missing a lot of product so I took a picture and sent it to their customer service team. They answered with a friendly response asking me which mask I would like for them to send me. I received another FREE $60 mask upon getting to keep the original one I ordered. Also, I love both products I received and because of their amazing customer service, I will purchase their masks again.

Verb Energy🏃‍♀️

I only ordered these bars because I got a great deal around the holidays and wanted to try them. The flavor I put in for was brand new and was selling like crazy so they had warned me it would be a few weeks before they’d be back in stock, which was totally fine. I waited a few days after they told me to expect them and still haven’t heard anything so I emailed them. They told me they’d be shipping out ASAP and that they doubled my order for FREE to show their appreciation after I had to wait for so long. So for less than $9, I received 32 bars from them!

Bang Energy🥤

For anyone that doesn’t know what Bang Energy is, it’s like a Red Bull on steroids. I love the way they taste and it seems to be the only thing that will give me that boost when I need it most on some days. I purchased one from the grocery store when I went and it tasted really off. I was nervous so I emailed their customer service and told them about the incident and where it happened. My goal was never to get free stuff. It was to inform them so they could maybe pull them off the shelves at the store I was at so this didn’t happen to anyone else. They asked me which flavor I would like to receive a replacement of in place of the one I had to throw away. Well, they had sent me 4 free cans for my trouble. I thought that was very sweet and the representative I spoke to seemed very concerned with the issue.


I know some people don’t want to support such a big company like Amazon, but you have to give credit where credit is due. A few things I received on Amazon and did not like or broke, they told me to keep anyways and refunded my money. They’re always so quick to help you with any problem you have with your purchases. Alex got a credit card from them and didn’t realize he used it to buy something on there so he eventually got a fee for not paying it off. He called, explained the situation, and the woman removed the charge immediately with no problem. I’ve never had a bad experience with them.

Dime Beauty💄

This is a fairly new online company that I started seeing because of other bloggers I follow on Instagram. They had a promo code listed for their lipsticks so I figured I’d try them. I wound up getting one and loved it, but the color didn’t look right on me. They asked me to review my recent purchase from them so I did. I stated I loved the product, but the wasn’t sure about the color yet. They apologized and offered to give me $20 store credit so I can order another lipstick in a color that better suited me. I was blown away at the generosity!

Anyone else experience great customer service somewhere online or in person? I want to hear about it so I can help support other businesses that deserve it! I also want to hear about any bad experiences you had with companies👀

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  1. Bark Box is so amazing. During the Pandemic obviously everything got delayed. Any time I would think I wonder where my box is they’d pop in my email letting me know it’s coming.

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