Beauty Samples I’ve Tried And Reviewed

I recently came across all the samples I’ve received over the months and realized I had to start using them. And why not try them so I can review them back to you guys and get your feedback as well! I have so many more that I need to try, but these were the most recent ones I’ve tested out. I’m reviewing these products based on a scale from 1-5. I hope you guys find this helpful🤗

Innisfree Dewy Glow Jelly Cream (4.7)

I really enjoyed the way this cream felt. It was the consistency of a thin hair gel, but went on super smooth like a moisturizer. It was not sticky or felt like it would clog my pores. I felt like my skin could breathe after applying it. It took about a minute or two to fully absorb into my skin and when it did my skin felt super soft and smooth! I would definitely order this product in the future. It’s also very reasonably priced at $25!

Amika Instant Shine Hair Gloss Mask (3.4)

The smell of this is so good I’d buy it strictly based off that. The overall product is not my favorite. I checked online to see how to use it in the shower so I didn’t do it wrong. It stated that for thin hair you should replace your conditioner with this and thicker hair you should just use after your conditioner. Well I have thin hair and not a lot of it so I replaced my conditioner with this. I don’t think I would skip the conditioner if I used this again because it was not smoothing on my hair. It was easy to apply onto wet hair which was nice and did feel sleek when I rubbed it through with my fingers, but was knotty while combing it through with my wet brush. I don’t think I’ll purchase this one, but I’d definitely give it another try while using conditioner next time.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel (4.0)

I liked the process of this one. You take one wipe and rub it all over, wait 2 minutes, and do the same with the 2nd one. It didn’t burn or feel like I was rubbing chemicals on my face. It felt almost cleansing as if I was wiping away all this stuff that wouldn’t come off my face when I washed it. I can’t tell a major difference after using once, but I would buy to try and get the full effect. I did read lots of reviews claiming over time it did help improve their acne and hyperpigmentation.

Briogeo Farewell Frizz Blow Dry Perfection & Heat Protectant Cream (4.3)

This product was easy to apply to my wet hair and also smelt awesome. I liked the way this cream distributed throughout my hair. Sometimes products are too sticky or thick and it’s difficult to really get to all your strands. I do like the way my hair felt after and I felt it was protected when I was blow drying. I noticed I still had a bit of frizz though, but I didn’t expect it to be a miracle product. Only $24 so it is reasonably priced if you want to give it a try! I would definitely buy the full bottle.

Youth To The People 15% Vitamin C + Clean Caffeine Energy Serum (4.2)

I just recently started to use vitamin c serums and I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin. Not only does this one brighten up the appearance of your skin, but it’s great for mornings because it takes away puffiness. I really felt it absorbed pretty well into my skin, but wish it was a tad more hydrating. It is a little expensive for me and I have used others that I enjoyed more. I believe I will keep trying out cheaper options before committing to this one.

Murad Vita-C Glycolic Brightening Serum (4.7)

Oh how I wish this one was cheaper.. It is more expensive than the Youth To The People one, but I liked it 10 times better. It has everything you’d want in a vitamin C serum. I felt like I didn’t even need moisturizer after this and my skin looked brighter and more radiant. It worked wonders on my dry skin and it claims online that it’s good for all skin types as well! If you have 80 bucks lying around and don’t know what to buy or if this ever goes on sale, get it. Or if you’ve tried this and have a cheaper, similar option for me, let a girl know please! The reason I didn’t give it a 5 star rating is the price. That’s the only negative I can say about it.

Bumble And Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Spray (4.8)

I have been looking for a solid heat protectant spray that wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg. When I received this I was so excited because I always wanted to try Bumble & Bumble’s products. I hate when you use a heat tool and your hair smells like it’s burnt after. I curled my hair after using this spray and I could still smell the scent of the heat protectant. Not to mention, it smells awesome! $28 for an 8.5oz bottle is a pretty reasonable price too. I would 100% purchase this one.

Have you guys tried any of these products? How would you rate them? Also, if you have any cheaper dupes of any of them, let me know! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you guys as well💗

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  1. The Murad Brightening Serum is one of the best serums I’ve tried for skin brightening and hyperpigmentation. When I got the sample I didn’t want it to end! So hard to pay $104 in my case 😭

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