How To Have A Date Night During A Pandemic

It’s been a little while since Alex and I set some time aside to really enjoy each other’s company. Our nights usually consist of us sitting on the couch together, doing our own thing. So we’ll plan a date night to really just spend some quality time with each other and show how much we mean to one another. It’s super important to spend that intimate time with your SO to appreciate each other. Before covid, we really enjoyed going out to eat together and sitting at the bar. We’ve learned how to adapt to having date nights during the pandemic and making it special.

Plan a dinner together

Tonight we decided I would make the appetizer and he would make the main course. This way we can both be cooking, but be making separate dishes for each other and do our own part. Between the preparation, cooking, and eating you can really bond while having fun and taking in each other’s company. It really makes you appreciative of that person in these moments.

Pop a bottle of bubbly

We LOVE champagne/prosecco anything bubbly! And since we took a week off drinking because of getting our covid vaccines, tonight is the perfect night for us to enjoy and indulge. If you don’t drink alcohol, make a special mocktail or smoothie for dessert!

Watch A Favorite TV Show Or Movie

We decided tonight we were going to catch up on one of our reality TV shows, Temptation Island. I got him into these shows mostly because they’re so cringe and overall I feel it makes us more appreciative of each other. Watching these people struggle in their relationships really makes me feel grateful of what I have with Alex. That might sound weird, but I hold him extra tight whenever I watch something like this😜 We also love Below Deck, crime shows, or sometimes we’ll watch a new movie we haven’t seen that we are both interested in. We’re not big movie people though, so we typically prefer a TV show.

Say Something Nice To Each Other

Yesterday, Alex looked at me while we were on the couch and said “I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you”. It took me by such surprise, but also made me feel so happy and special. I would rather have words over gifts any day of the week. Someone’s words are very intimate whereas anyone can buy flowers or chocolates for someone. This is not only important for date night, but vital in a relationship to make your partner feel loved and important.

Play A Game

We love Yahtzee. It’s something we enjoy doing together and while we play, we’ll usually listen to our favorite podcast together. It’s a game that doesn’t require much attention and is easy to play while also conversing with one another.

Take A Walk

One of our favorite things to do when it’s nice out is take a walk with our dog around our development. It’s always so relaxing and pretty stress relieving. I typically enjoy it in the summer time after dinner when it’s not so hot out, but that perfect, cool temperature. Unfortunately, it’s only 40 degrees here in NJ right now, so we won’t be enjoying that walk tonight.

Alex and I have really made the best of this quarantine. He only goes to work 4 days during the week teaching and he’s home by 2pm, so we spend a lot of time together. We have learned to appreciate our alone time so we can make our time together more special. A good healthy balance is key in a relationship.

What are some things you do for date night at home? Does it look a lot like mine or is it totally different? Let me know lovelies💗

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6 thoughts on “How To Have A Date Night During A Pandemic

  1. Creative, cool and clever ideas, Jaimie! Hold on a sec…let me think of an additional adjective starting with “C,” as I am going for alliteration here, apparently.

    Anyway, while we’re waiting for the mind to kick in, I really like your idea of preparing a meal together. Of course, it requires some finesse when you both, simultaneously, need to use something one-and-only, like the oven or the mixer Here’s where your years watching “Iron Chef” give you the edge..

    Comfortable! That’s it, that’s the word I sought! Luxuriate in the happiness you’re building together. Despite (or, more likely, because of) quarantine’s deprivations, you’re making memories that’ll wrap the ensuing decades in coziness.

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