Items That Are Currently In My Amazon Cart

Happy spring everyone! We got to enjoy our first day of spring with Alex’s family yesterday and it was so lovely. I hope you all had an amazing weekend as well! Today was my day for spring cleaning and it was the perfect day to do it. We started it off with some Starbucks of course😉 Cleaning my home got me thinking of things I need around the house. As I was online shopping today, I checked what I had in my cart on Amazon. I typically add things that I want to eventually purchase, but wind up not pulling the trigger in that moment. This is how I end up with 10+ things in my cart at a time.

Makeup Brush Cleaner

Realistically, I should be cleaning my brushes every few days if I use them everyday, but honestly time just slips away. This little contraption makes cleaning your brushes easier and quicker which is what I like to hear. And for $22, you can’t go wrong!

Garnier SkinActive Eye Cream

I have been searching for a cheap, but effective eye cream over the past few weeks. This one is highly rated on Amazon with thousands of reviews. It’s also under $8 which makes me happy already.

Go2b Texturizing Spray

Just like a cheap eye cream, I’ve also been on the hunt for a cheap texturing spray. I always like to try out my cheaper options before I splurge on the pricier ones. If it’s cheap, it’s for me, but it also has to live up to my expectations. This was one of the more inexpensive texturizing sprays I found (less than $6) and had great reviews.

Ice Roller For Face

I originally saw this while watching Madi Nelson’s stories on Instagram. If you don’t know who she is, shes the sweetest mama with the most adorable children (@heymadinelson). This sounds great for mornings to help take away some of the puffiness and also a nice wake up call! I also read a review that it helped with headaches as well and that’s something I suffer with pretty often. This specific one is $13, but has a $2 off coupon right now. There are other brands and options, but this one looks the most appealing to me.

Champion Crew Socks

I have been wearing my boyfriends lately because I don’t own crew socks. I realized I really enjoyed wearing them when I work out at home so I think it’s time I finally buy my own.

3-Tier Stackable Rack

They use this as a shoe rack in most pictures online, but I wanted to add more shelves to my linen closet to make it more organized. This specific one happened to be the right measurements to fit underneath the built in shelves in the closet. Also, $17 isn’t breaking the bank for this.

Portable Car Vacuum

The current dustbuster I have right now doesn’t have enough power to completely clean the seats and carpet in our cars. This one is not only a best seller, but it’s one of the cheapest ones I’ve seen on Amazon. $35 and comes with a hose as well.

Eyebrow Soap Kit

I’m sure a lot of you have seen the soap brow trend. At first I thought it looked really strange, but once I saw it more and the differences in the way others styled them, it made me intrigued to try it. It’s also way too expensive to purchase from Sephora or Ulta so I figured I’d try it from Amazon first to see if I even liked the way it looked on me. $8 for a 2 pack!

Makeup Organizer

This one I was planning on using for the top of my boyfriend’s dresser. He has his lotions, moisturizer, and deodorant scattered all over and it drives me insane. Everyday I’m constantly putting things back in place so with this I won’t have to keep cleaning up his mess (maybe). $12 for one less thing for me to straighten up everyday? I’m in!

What’s in your Amazon cart currently that your holding back on buying?! Do you like anything I have in mine? Let me know so I can add more🤪

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21 thoughts on “Items That Are Currently In My Amazon Cart

  1. You have more discipline than I, Jaimie, as a full cart usually proves too tempting for any resolution short “Submit Order.” I usually do draw up a wish list, but as soon as I get on that site, and I view the cumulative wonder of all that’s assembled, all self-control is lost.

    Oh, I think you’ll like the portable vacuum. I have one I got years ago with Pepsi Points (back in my soda-drinking days), and the thing still works well.

    Not bad for something which was “free.” I only had to drink about $300 worth of Pepsi to get it. That, and do God-Knows-what to my health at the time. Winner! Winner!, huh?

    Still, despite that all, I most heartily recommend the Mini-Vac.

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  2. Ha! Last night I fell asleep holding my phone while shopping and accidentally checked out the WHOLE cart on my way into a deep sleep. Woke up this morning with 15+ purchase confirmation emails! Shopping while sleep instead of tipsy! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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