Home Remedies For Dry Hair

Happy Sunday guys! I’ve been a little busy this week because of Alex’s birthday, but I have been really eager to get on here and talk about how I helped hydrate my dry hair. After trying product after product, I realized there’s no miracle product that is going to require no effort from me. I found by trial and error what works best for my unruly hair and I hope this helps some of you. My hair is still not perfect, but at least I can now run my fingers through it without getting tangled up in knots. Here are some helpful tips that made my hair much smoother and I hope they help you too!💗

Coconut Oil

I read tons of reviews on this before I tried. I actually used to take my makeup off with this because it works as a cleansing balm. There are certain kinds so you have to get one that is safe to use on your hair, skin, and nails. I bought the one linked here. About an hour before I hop in the shower, I heat this up in a pot (you can do it in the microwave also) to get it warm and easier to apply. I rub the oil in between my fingers and start applying all over my hair until it’s covered. After an hour, I wash my hair as I normally would. I do this treatment once a week.

Olaplex No. 3

I did a whole blog post on this product so I’ll link it here if you want to read more about it. I usually wash my hair twice a week, so I’ll use this on the one day and coconut oil on the other wash day.

Dry Hair Before Bed

I made this mistake so many times before. I felt that my hair was breaking so much while it was wet in my sleep. Probably because I sleep like a wild woman. I’ll air dry most of it and wait until my hair is damp before I start to blow dry. I always use a round ceramic brush to blow out my hair to make it smoother and give it a little extra volume. Makes a crazy difference if you dry your hair before bed, but I also let it air dry as long as possible before using a blow dryer.

Silk Pillowcases

I just got these a few weeks ago so I was waiting to review them. I found I now wake up with far less frizzy hair than I used to. Not to mention, they’re much cooler to sleep on. I get really hot in my sleep and these help me cool down. They were also very cheap compared to other real silk pillowcases. They are even cheaper now than when I bought them! I’ll link them here.


I’ve been using collagen for almost 2 months now and I have noticed far less hair fallout. I mix it in with my oatmeal every morning. It’s important that you’re consistent with it to see results. Overall, my hair feels stronger and I’m starting to notice hairs growing in places that there were none. I linked the one I use here.

Using Scrunchies and Clips

I’ve stopped using hair ties and stuff that pulls on my hair. I started using clips more instead of tying it up. I also enjoy using big scrunchies like what we wore back in the day when we were in 1st grade. I’ve noticed less breakage and less fallout. Clips & Scrunchies linked here.

Brush Conditioner Through

I have a Wet Brush which I received to try from Influenster. I use it after I apply my conditioner on my wet hair. You can use any wide tooth comb or brush that is safe to use on wet hair. I comb it through and wait a few minutes before rinsing it out. This makes my hair so much smoother and prevents less breakage for when I brush my hair after the shower.

Clean Brushes

I was so appalled at how much leftover product was in my wet brush when I went to use it the other day. As gross as it may sound, I never knew how to properly clean a brush. I would clean out the hair and try to scrub it with some hot water, but never really looked that close to it. I had to take a cup of hot water mixed with 1 tbsp of shampoo and 1 tbsp of baking soda and let my brush soak for 20 minutes. I kept stirring my brush around to try to move some of the product off it. I couldn’t believe how well this worked. It now looks like a brand new brush!

Leave In Conditioner

This I feel is a must after the shower. There are so many benefits to a leave in conditioner. It helps to moisturize and eliminate frizz, but also detangles it to prevent breakage upon brushing. The one I use actually works as a thermal protector as well which I love. My hair stylist used this one years ago and I have yet to replace it with something else. It also smells amazing. Linked right here for you guys!

What are some things that helped your hair? Have you tried any of the tips I provided?! Let me know lovelies😍

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22 thoughts on “Home Remedies For Dry Hair

  1. Thanks so much.
    I also use Olaplex, and silk pillowcases, they make such a difference.

    I find too that the type of brushes I use make a difference in how my hair looks.
    I use Mason Pearson hairbrushes, made in London since 1885. They are super brushes.
    Great post. 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lucky little duck you!! I feel like I put all the products in the world in my hair and it’s still dry and unmanageable🤢 luckily I found a verrrry specific routine that works for me!


  2. Fascinating wealth of knowledge, Jaimie, and we’re fortunate to have someone help us through all the intricacies. Naturally, the moments my head isn’t swimming with new information, it’s astounded half the population goes to such lengths in search of perfection.

    Of course, I didn’t say I’m not grateful for the effort.

    I’m a guy, and I always fancied myself appreciative of hair care (appreciative, that is, for a male), but articles like yours remind me I grasp, I don’t know, about .3% of all there is to know. For me, it’s a simple question – is my hair cleaner than when I started? Pretty much…

    OK, cool. Oh hey, did you see the game last night?

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  3. This is a great post! I pretty much do the same thing even though my hair texture is different. I’ll usually leave my conditioner in for at least 30 mins as a deep conditioner and it gives a lot more moisture to my curly hair. Thanks for sharing your tips! 💕

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  4. I’ve been using the same leave in conditioner for a few years myself! First discovered it at a Pubix store once, and realized how great it was by reading through the ingredients and doing my research. As far as regular conditioners, I usually condition my hair twice while I’m in the shower. I’ll use head and shoulders conditioner because my scalp tends to get super itchy after going a few days without washing it and this, along with using a silicone scalp brush to exfoliate my scalp while this conditioner is in my hair, has really helped with that. After that I also like to follow up with a deep conditioning mask by Nature Lab Tokyo because it has a ton of great ingredients including keratin. I believe biotin is an ingredient as well! I’ve also opted out of using heat to curl my hair all together. I have found a way of twisting my hair up like a single twisted ponytail and then wrapping it around and around into a bun on the top of my head and clipping it for about 30 minutes. If you do this shortly after drying your hair it’s more effective because the hair is still warm when it is twisted and clipped, and by the time you take it down the hair has cooled completely and it’s when the hair cools that it’s shape sets. It gives me beautiful and very natural looking cirls!

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