Reviews On My Recent Beauty Purchases

I apologize I have been MIA on here for the past week. Life happened, you know how that can be. Anyway, happy Friday! I hope you are all planning for a nice, relaxing weekend because I sure am. Any big plans for you guys or are your weekends looking like mine? I wanted to take some time today to review some recent products I’ve bought and used so you all can enjoy them too! I haven’t gone too crazy with my purchases considering Alex’s birthday just passed and it was an expensive one.. I tried my best to make up for his quarantined birthday last year so we went all out for this one. Needless to say, my bank account is NOT happy with me. I linked all products to their name!

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner

I was in need of a new liquid liner considering mine was dried out and always leaked while using it. I searched on Amazon for one with high ratings and a decent amount of reviews. This was the first one that popped up with TONS of reviews. It stated that it was easy to use and overall a perfect liner for the price. I spent a little over $6 for it and it’s everything I wanted. So easy to use! Doesn’t smudge, doesn’t leak, easy to line up. 10/10 solid product!

NYX Micro Brow Pencil

Unfortunately, my brows are thin so I have to do them everyday. I’ve been trying to style them a little differently and overall trying to go for a more natural look. I use this to fill in any spots that may be scarce or missing hairs and it works PERFECTLY. I got it in the color “Brunette” and I swear it couldn’t match my hair color better. If you’re in the market for a new eyebrow pencil, $8 is a pretty good deal for one that’s perfect!

Ice Roller For Face

This may be my favorite Amazon purchase. Ever feel like you’re dragging in the morning? Like your face feels and looks like its droopy and could use a pick-me-up? I roll this on my face either before or after my skincare (doesn’t make a difference for me) and I automatically feel and look more awake. I feel it really tightens it up and makes it glow. Not only that, but it feels so nice! There is a bunch of different versions on Amazon, but I figured they all serve the same purpose so I got the cheapest one. $7 ain’t too bad for a little spa recovery for your face!

Aesthetica Beauty Sponge

This was recommended by a beauty influencer I follow on Instagram. She said it was comparable to Beautyblenders and it’s only $4. I, for one never got the hype for Beautyblenders. They’re $20 and I have definitely used cheaper beauty sponges that are just as good for 1/4 of the price. These ones on Amazon for $4 definitely live up to the hype! It’s SO soft and blends my foundation in beautifully. Definitely will repurchase when I need a new one.

Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip

I bought this because it’s always something I wanted to try and it just so happened to be on sale from $19 to $12 and free shipping. That damn free shipping always gets me. I’m actually really glad I decided to pull the plug on this purchase. Even though it was only $13, I thought about it for days before I pressed ‘complete order’. That’s just how I am😅 I talked about this on my Instagram, so if you want to see how it looks, check out my page. It acts as a lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balm all in one stick. Amazing!

Elf Hydrating Primer

I wasn’t big on primers until recently. I like the fact that I have a thin layer separating my skincare from my makeup and also a product that really holds my foundation in place. I really like the way this one feels on my skin. It feels hydrating, but also makes my skin feel super smooth and ready for my makeup application. My CC cream looks more natural and smooth upon using after my primer. I really notice a difference now when I apply makeup without this. If you have oily skin, I’m not sure this would be the choice for you. The good thing is, they have a few different options for primers, I’ve been really big on Elf lately considering it is cheaper and has improved its quality over the years. Can’t go wrong with a $6 primer!

L’oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise

This mascara can be clumpy at times, but I’ve found that my lashes got used to this one after using it a few times. It not only gives them a bunch of volume, but makes them look SO full. $8 on Amazon if you need a new mascara😉

Have you guys used any of these products? Which ones stood out to you most if you haven’t and are likely to use? Let me know in the comments down below. Also, follow my Instagram for more pictures and reviews💗

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18 thoughts on “Reviews On My Recent Beauty Purchases

  1. This doesn’t fit quite with today’s topic, but… The towel warmer we discussed earlier is on its way and, after a brief interval here, is on its way to gifthood.

    If you’re interested still, I’ll let you know what I think, after it’s in place in about three weeks. For that matter, I’m curious myself how it’ll go, as right now I’m inclined to buy one for myself eventually. Will it reward anticipation? Read on…

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      1. Oh, mine (which arrived yesterday!) will be a Mother’s Day gift too. However, as I’ll get plenty of firsthand reports soon, insight should be along shortly.

        At first I worried a towel warmer would be pointless in late spring, but as yesterday we got snow in PA, the cold isn’t quite done with us yet. 😠 and 😢 Besides, aside from the “dog days.” even summer mornings have a chill.

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      2. No matter what time of the year, it’s always nice to have a nice warm towel after the shower! I cannot believe you got snow in PA.. we’re transitioning into the warmer weather here in NJ! Thank god..

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  2. Such a fun post Jaimie. It’s always exciting to read about make up and beauty products. I wonder if I can get that brow pencil out here. But, I’ll probably need a darker shade.
    Take care and stay safe. 🙂

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