Reviews On My Recent Beauty Purchases

I apologize I have been MIA on here for the past week. Life happened, you know how that can be. Anyway, happy Friday! I hope you are all planning for a nice, relaxing weekend because I sure am. Any big plans for you guys or are your weekends looking like mine? I wanted to takeContinue reading “Reviews On My Recent Beauty Purchases”

Items That Are Currently In My Amazon Cart

Happy spring everyone! We got to enjoy our first day of spring with Alex’s family yesterday and it was so lovely. I hope you all had an amazing weekend as well! Today was my day for spring cleaning and it was the perfect day to do it. We started it off with some Starbucks ofContinue reading “Items That Are Currently In My Amazon Cart”

Online Companies With Great Customer Service

I’ve never realized how important customer service was to me until I needed assistance from a company about a product I bought. The way a company treats their customers is a make or break for me. I’ve had businesses treat me like they could care less if I ever shopped with them again. I’ve alsoContinue reading “Online Companies With Great Customer Service”

Beauty Products Under $15 That I Love

There’s nothing better than buying an inexpensive product and loving it. I try not to splurge too much on things because I don’t want to enjoy it and have to spend that amount of money again. Before I buy a product, I read review after review and make sure I’m buying a quality product. ThereContinue reading “Beauty Products Under $15 That I Love”

Some Of My Favorite Amazon Purchases

I mean how can you not love Amazon? Not only is it so convenient and accessible, but it’s relatively cheap. Not to mention, they have daily deals everyday that they switch up. And if you know me you know I love a good cheap deal. Pretty much anything you want you can enter it inContinue reading “Some Of My Favorite Amazon Purchases”

Amazon Finds For The Bedroom

Before I pull the plug on pressing that “place your order” button, I read review after review while also considering similar products. I hate having to return things so when I make a purchase I make sure I’m going to love it. My boyfriend and I live in a 900 sqft apartment and when weContinue reading “Amazon Finds For The Bedroom”